dear randomness, you're freaking funny.
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Sushi, Pie, Cheese & me went swimming at The Club. It was super fun. We had a water gun fight and we played at the awesome water playground which consists of the spinning water carousel, the long swirly slide, the hugee pail of water and another slide. After we bathed, we had dinner. There was fried rice, noodles, ice cream and fries.

Went for my first Mandrin class in the morning. It was okay. I went to 1 Utama at 3p.m and got this really nice leggings at Orange Sorbet and a T-Shirt. And I finally got a new watch. It had been EONS since I last had one. (Well it seemed like eons)
8p.m onwards - did my home-work and blahs (prepared my tiger extinction presentation for Saturday, memorized a poem, researched on William Blake's bio, finished my malay homeworks etc.)

Had Subway for lunch. Yummy stuff. Came back and did my The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time book review home-work. I did about 300 words. 200+ more words to go. Then I went swimming in the evening.

Well anyway, I'm seriously tired and that's probably because I was listening to Bella's Lullaby over and over again for the past half an hour. It's only 9:30 but I feel like it's 2a.m. -.-
gosh. anyway, I'll try to write far more exciting & random stuff on the next post. I had the urge to blog this morning but I didn't have time until now, which is the wrong timing because I'm SO tired. blegh.

will keep in touch (:

lynn x

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