fun and mishap.
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Went to a center today, which my mom said I'd most probably go's called Learning Works or something likee that :P So yeah. bye to k12 andd FLC, i won't be going there anymore): maybe next time thoughh.
haha, well anyways, I went shopping today! but just a quick onee. got these stuffs:

WHITNEY PORT!!!! I just know you're some famous pretty person..xP

anyway. I WENT SWIMMING LATER with Li Juan and Ashley ;) it was soooo freagging fun.

Ashley!! what are doing!?
the happys
:* HAHA.

Aiyak..cannot see the heart-shape.
LI JUAAAN! You have fire on ur haaair!!!! Haha, just kiddings xP That's just some funny weired jumblo light thingg that my camera took...

AND I lost my faavorite watch there! ARGH. :(
It had been with me everr since January this year and I've sortof
promised to neever lose it until end of this year. :@ !'s goooooooone.

now I have to spend my pocket money on another watch and wont be able to buy those clothes at cotton on :@

(picture of watch was from my 'sticky bubblegum' album in facebook)

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