Yesterday was Christmas ;)
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heyo peeps :)

yesterday was seriously fun. I got to meet JACLYN VICTOR :D I went to this Christmas concert thing yesterday night at Dream Centre with Julia & Li Juan and she was singing. (it's called a christmas concert because malaysia boleh and we can have christmas earlier than the world.. - pastor Daniel :D ) Her voice was jaw-dropping and i was so dam jealous of her. DAMMIT. :P heh.

Anyway, before the concert thing my mom got bitten by a dog. seriously scary. The dog had some mental problems and chased after my mom when she was on the way to the park..
then it bit her..
that's why my mom is having these cuts on her leg which are like vampire bites O.O
I wasn't with her thoughh. I was with Ashley, Julia & Li Juan playing badminton. Then my dad came to pick me up and my mom called us during our way back home.
Once we reached back home we picked my mom up and went to the clinic and she had this jab thing. Then we went to the criminal's owner's house. And as I have predicted the dog was black and psycho. It barked and barked and barked non-stop even if I said shutup to it. (Gina would immediately stop.) And we had a security guard with us because he saw all of the commotion when my mom got bitten while he was doing his duty to go round our neighborhood. The owner wasn't very sincere. My mom scolded him and stuff for letting the dog out. Then he said a sorry and paid the jab thing my mom had to take. Ironically the dog was so scared of the owner when he came out. It hid under his Myvi car and never came out even if the owner attempted to pull him out. -.-

What a dog.

anyway the security guard said that a lot of mailmen and passer-bys have already complained to the owner but the owner 'marah'ed them back. -.- ugh.

So yeah. After that we went home and I took a shower then left to Julia's house. By the time I reached her house it was about 7p.m. I had pizza there for dinner. scrummy stuff :D
Then we took pics and etc until 8:30. At 8:30 we left to Dream Centre and I got jealous of Jaclyn while Li Juan went crazy about the hot drummer. By the time I reached home it was already 11:30 but I had to pack my bag and stuff until 12:30 because I have class on Saturday mornings.

That's all. heh. :P



pics of jaclyn victor are not in order. Sorryyy. My stupid computer has sum probs and it took me forever to upload these pics here. :@

that's about it. :D

byee x

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