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I've SO much to tell you!

Yesterday, Anne & I went swimming at OneWorld Hotel which was FREAKING COOL. They had this steep slide which overlooks a flyover from below and when you slid down you will feel like FALLING down from a building which was super ooper scary and cool :D
Anyway, after swimming, we went window-shopping at 1 Utama for an hour and a half and then we went back to my house. We blew bubbles then ;)


One world hotel (: This was taken on Friday night when I went to visit Anne at the hotel.
& there was some choir thing

- We went swimming after this. I forgot to bring my phone to the swimming pool SO SORRY. :(

(later at night) -BUBBLES. -

Sunday : Ashley & me at church waiting for Anne's class to finish
Sunday lunch :D


On Sunday, after lunch with Anne, I went to Ashley's house to take awesome pictures :

-more pictures on facebook;)-
@ Nandos with Ashley for dinner ;)

This weekend was superr fun
& I can't wait for tomorrow! (Swimming with Ashley, Joanna and probably Deborah) :P

A funny picture for you ;D :

Well, apparently I'm really tired, so goodnight! :)

lynn x

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