Starting 2015.
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UPDATE 1st Feb:  I actually ended up signing up at Celebrity Fitness! I had decided to use the time I was planning to spare working at a coffee shop at the gym instead. I'm not planning to take up a job in the near future unless I have a gap 6 months after college.

It's New Years Day!! It's crazy to think that we're back to square one all over, with the same "New Year, New Me" and "Page 1 of 365" flood of tweets and moments of reminiscence as we look back on the year. To commemorate the start of 2015,  I thought I would write something that's on a more personal note - something that I've also neglected and not done in a while (a typical trait of an ESTJ hu hu)

My aims for 2015! (not listing them in order of importance)

1) Learn how to cook for real

You can hurl any household chore at me - be it cleaning my room, reorganising and storing away misplaced things, doing the dishes, but not cooking. I've never liked cooking, thus never felt a sense of eagerness on learning how to do it. When I'm home alone, even with a fridge jammed full of fresh vegetables and meat, you'd still find me at my table calling up McDonald's or Domino's for my meal. However, I've grown way too tired of having to burn off those extra carbs with additional zumba/blogilates sessions. Cooking has always been an asset - not only for health's sake, but gosh, my grandchildren would hate me for not having a signature or trademark dish that I could pass on to them. I have to step up my game; spaghetti and omelette should not be the only dishes I can serve on my family table in the future.

2) Get a job

Despite not having a gap half year, I feel like I am still prepared and able to take up a job. I have mapped out a bunch of options that I'm willing try, but I'm most keen on working at a coffee shop.

3) Read more

I'm not gonna lie, I've read no more than 10 books in total this year. Such a staggering figure, and I think it's only going to decline further when I enter college (I swear the number of books I read is inversely proportionate to the number of hours I spend studying). Since exams have ended and I've gotten at least half of my day back, I've been reading The Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult. It's a gut-wrenching story revolving around child sexual abuse and murder. Jodi Picoult is basically my favourite author; I can't love her enough for being so detail-oriented, and how she supports the story with underlying scientific facts as well as the feelings involved at every stage of the legal process is just beyond me.

4)  Get fit

I'm still hesitating on signing up at Celebrity Fitness. I'm not sure if I can commit to a gym membership yet, but I know that if I don't, I'm not likely to turn up at the gym at my club either since they charge a non-member entrance fee of RM15 (a freaking price hike from rm11). In the meantime though, I'm just sticking to my blogilates and zumba 15-minute workouts at home.

5) Prioritise dance

I really need to move on from skeletal and sketchy, no-more-than-30-seconds choreographies that I never complete. I always get lazy and give up because I get bored of the song, which is such a lousy excuse. 2015 shall be the year where I will improve on this.