Travel Essentials - Makeup (Glasses Friendly)
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Hey guys!

I've realised that it's been a while since I've last posted something make-up related (thanks to IGs), and so I thought what better way to spend a free Sunday night sharing about my makeup necessities that I carry along with me to the airport.

Just a quick update: I'm actually leaving to Eastern Europe this coming Saturday, hence the idea of this post. I'm totally hyped about the trip although it's going to be very cold - forecast temperatures are all in the negative range. But I can't complain, because I'll be able to experience a white Christmas again =^-^=

Before I begin, I thought I might just add that I only put on makeup after I land. It is so important to remove all of your makeup before boarding a plane (I would just recommend going to the airport bare faced to avoid all the hassle), and I wish someone told me that last December because I had to learn it the hard way. I was flying to Italy, and basically, I had some concealer on that I didn't remove. The consequence to this was flaky skin and break-outs. So take it from me and remove your makeup before you board if you don't want to be breaking out like a mofo when you land.

Stick Concealer 

My number 1 advice on travel make-up would be to skip out on foundations/BB creams, and just stick to concealer. Liquid foundations/BB creams and mineral foundations have a tendency to create a mess since they are relatively more difficult to control compared to concealers. It's a personal preference on deciding between stick and liquid concealers, but I feel that stick concealers do a better job at getting full coverage with the added benefit of not requiring a setting powder. This saves on space which is key when travelling. My choice of stick concealer is the Etude House Surprise Stick concealer in #01.

Winged Eyeliner

The easiest of form of distraction from tired eyes is undoubtedly having a winged eyeliner. Liquid/gel/pencil do the same job, but I feel that less mistakes are made when you use a pencil eyeliner. This is essential when you are in a tour group and only have about five minutes to spare in the bathroom. I use the Maybelline Eye Studio Shadow Liner, which I actually included in my Product Disappointments post. I still don't like it too much, but I'm obliged to finish this product off before buying a new eyeliner. The eyeliner I would recommend though, is Maybelline's Master Drama eyeliner. I have not tried it so I can't say anything, but it's one of KathleenLight's holy grail drugstore eyeliner, and I have a feeling that if it can live up to her expectations, it would totally do the same for me. 

Cream Blusher

It's entirely normal to have dull skin from travelling between time zones, so this is where cream blushers come in handy. Cream blushers are comparatively more subtle than powdered ones which is so advantageous because all you really is need is just a healthy glow after a long flight. The best thing about cream blushers, though, is that you don't have to carry a powder brush which once again saves on space. It is also so easy to apply- you just apply three dots on your cheekbones and rub it in. It literally takes me about five seconds to put this on. The cream blusher that I use is Kate Cream Cheek which I had received when I attended an event by Seventeen Magazine.

Defined brows

This should be of no surprise. Having defined brows makes the biggest difference because it frames your face. For travelling purposes, I would suggest getting a good brow pencil with a spoolie brush because it takes up so little space. However, I use a brow powder + wax, because I've finished my SilkyGirl brow pencil which I've talked about before. The brow powder + wax I currently use now is the Benefit Browzings which has been working very well. It gives me a more natural finish compared to a brow pencil, however, the only downside is that it is bulkier and I have to carry an angled brush along with it. I am in the shade Light, and I use my Mac 266 brush with it.

Bold lips

If you are more daring, lipsticks are a great way to brighten up your look. However, I've not stepped into that side of makeup yet, so I prefer my lip tints/tinted lip balms. My favourite lip tint is the Peri Pera Tint Water in #1 Cherry Juice. If my lips are chapped or dry after the flight, I would just slide on my favourite tinted lip balm by Etude House to hydrate it, and I'm good to go. 

Ok, so this is slightly terrifying because i feel really uncomfortable taking photos with my glasses on, but I can't hide anything because I never fly with my contacts, so taking my glasses off would be a lie. This is the final look: