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It's difficult when you're asked questions that you cannot answer, and receive unwanted opinions questioning your style and choices. Since my exams have ended, many people have been asking me what course I'm planning to pursue and which college I'll be attending. My dad has been pestering me about A Levels, and what subjects I should pick- even though he has basically decided it for me already.

Sometimes I falter with so many questions about my future, like, will I be studying in Singapore? UK? US? do I really like Accountancy and want it to be my career? What do I really want to be?

With this, I can't help but feel pressured, and on many days, I just don't feel like getting out of bed because I just felt like:

In the past few months, I've gotten so caught up in trying to excel in every single area of my life to meet people's expectations, that I've harbored a lot of frustration and anger in myself. And it's so stupidd because despite keeping up with global news and current issues, I did not stop to realize how blessed I actually am. While I'm pondering over which college to attend, there are students out there who are anxiously waiting for news about the lives of their loved ones, like how I was when I was in my mom's hospital room. I should be so content with the fact that I even have a future while many

If you've been feeling like shit (sorry, I couldn't find another word to compete with that), go to the gym, bake a cake, learn a dance routine (or sing if that's more of your thing), or you could just learn from me and wear lipstick and stay at home the whole day watching TV series.

It's so dumb when I realize opinions like "Your eyebrows are too thick" or "Your handbag is too big" or "I don't like your hair color" are so unimportant and there's just no reason to let it get to me.

These kind of posts are actually one of my pet peeves, lol, mainly because I feel like these kind of posts are so common and mainstream, and everyone has felt this way before. But this has just been what's up and I felt like sharing I guess.

I hope you guys have a good week! (Idk how to close this post except bye)