Italy trip
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Hey hey hey! I'm back again, as promised. I'm going to be writing about my Italy trip today and I'm going to write it like I would in a diary because it's much easier that way. So yeah let's begin!

6th December


My dad and I left for the airport at around 6am. It took us almost 14 hours to travel from KL to Rome because we had a transit at Doha. We used Qatar Airways and I hated the experience. The plane was really small and everything was just cramped. It was also really stuffy and ugfh I don't think I'm ever going to sit that airline anymore. 
Complaints aside. Once we reached Rome it was already in the evening, so we had a Chinese dinner. My memory is fuzzy from then on because I was so so tired, and I had butt aches from sitting too long. 

7th December

Touring Rome! Here's my oh oh tee dee

Infinity scarf-H&M

Taken outside the hotel. First stop of the day was to the Colosseum. (:


Went inside the Colosseum for about 15 minutes.

me and my papa ^-^

There were many Smart fortwos which reminded me of Lizzie Mcguire and Letters to Juliet xD

Trevi Fountain!

My hair color is a mess, I know
 I did not even make a wish. I threw in two coins and still forgot to make a wish. :( But anyway, a cute guy didn't suddenly appear in front of me just like in the Lizzie Mcguire movie. So either way, meh


Street stalls
Pictures below were taken in Vatican City:

My local tourguide for that day! really nice and friendly person (:

St. Peter's Basilica
Exiting Vatican City :(
Spanish Steps
That evening, we made our way to the Spanish Steps and it was really really crowded for some reason. We were let off for free time, so my dad and I just walked around the area to find souvenir shops.
And that was all for Rome! It was quite tiring because we walked pretty much the whole day. I came back to the hotel to find blisters on my feet but it was worth it! hehe

8th December

Headed up north from Rome to Pisa.
Once we arrived, we went to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Souvenir stallss!  mah fav

Leaning Tower of Pisa
My bicep muscles are just hidden underneath my jacket ok~
Italian dinner that night!

9th December

Earrings-Forever 21
Necklace-street stall in Pisa
Moved from Pisa to Florence.
Made a photo stop on the way.

Where's the resemblance
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

LOL my dad

Bought some leather goods (: 

After that, we went to visit the Ferrari Museum. I don't know much anything about cars or Ferrari for that matter but it was nice to see all the different models of Ferraris. I could also feel my brother's jealousy all the way from his dorm in UK so I tried my best to take lots and lots of photos hahaha. There's too many for me to upload but here's LaFerrari! My favorite. Such a beauty aaaaah 

10th December

This was the day I was looking forward to the most because we were going to VENICE. I'd been wanting to visit Venice for the longest ever (besides Verona). So in the morning, we left for the port to take a boat to Venice.

Gosh my face

We've reached! The boat ride took 45 minutes but it felt a lot shorter because of the breathtaking views.

Narrow alleyway

Surprise, surprise. It's the famous squid ink pasta from Venice. It tastes half as disgusting as it looks, I promise. Hahaha. Definitely a fun first.

Candid shot by my dad. Maan am I gawjus

After lunch, we paid a visit to a glass-blowing factory. We watched a short demonstration and then took a look at the shop. Everything was so pretty and so fragile, not to mention really expensive too, that I felt every single move I make would cause something to shatter. 
After the visit, we were given free time. And I love my free time. Alot.

Excuse the shiny face :(

While we were walking down an alley, I came across this shop and ohmaigah LOOK AT HOW CUTE THESE ARE. I cannot even. And I could only stand outside the window to watch the lady eat that cupcake. ufjafkdlcad

St. Mark's Basilica

Time for one of the highlights of the day! The gondola ride. It's 25euros per person, and the ride lasts for 25 minutes.

Made friends with Sheryl from the tour group :) She's so nice and pretty, and I had fun being on the same gondola with her! hahah

Check out our macho gondolier behind!
My dad and her dad! C:
St. Mark's Square
St. Mark's Square lit up later in the evening

We took a boat back just like before, aand then I can't remember what I had for dinner that day because I forgot to take a photo. So. Oops. 

Goodnight x 

11th December

Milan today! This was my second trip to Milan after 6 years. I'm not going to post pictures up from then because it was during that embarrassing phase of life where you look like crap. Or maybe I'm just the only one who had it.

The hotel which we had stayed for one night

Sforza Castle 

Chicken and chips for lunch (I only realized it wasn't fish when I was done eating, can you believe it)

La Scala opera house
Milan Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo
Christmas street fair next to the Cathedral. I miss the whole Christmassy atmosphere so much

Super classy Bershka 
A fancy shoe shop which I didn't dare step in 
The hotel I stayed in Milan
I was happy with this hotel out of all the rest because it was so much more spacious. And they actually had a bathtub. yeah. a bathtub. 

 12th December

Last day in Italy! :( I was really sad and I wanted to stay longer. 
Anyway, it was a shopping day because we were heading to the Serravalle Outlet. There's Prada, Gucci, Michael Korrs, except the goods are much cheaper than in boutiques because they're off-season products. 

One of my favorite shots

My dad allowed me to walk around the whole place on my own because we shop very different things. :P So I was left with just a map and my sense of direction to get around. Tbh, I felt way more excited than nervous at that moment. I'm used to shopping alone but to walk in a new area without being able to be contacted. wow. 
yeah that's my kind of thrill.
Hahahah. Also, being the very clever wei lynn, I forgot to ask my dad for cash. I only had one euro in my pocket which was meant to pay for a toilet entry fee. So I literally walked into all the designer outlets, including Prada, and got attended by their salespeople without them realizing how much I actually had. 

Anyway, thank God I bumped into my dad later on. We had lunch together and he asked if I wanted to get anything from an outlet, and so I brought him to Michael Korrs to show him a navy leather wallet which was so damn pretty. He said I could get it, but when I found out the price I felt like vomiting blood instead because. rm800. I think I would feel more stressed than happy to carry such a wallet around. So anyway, we left the store, my dad gave me some cash and it was time for another adventure (yay)!
I decided to check out all the soap and cosmetic stores this time, and it was so. much. fun. I went to KIKO Milano first, and I had fun testing out nail polishes there. The next place I went to was some beauty store where I got a nail polish from Smalto, color Flame red. After that, I went to PUPA Milano where got a brown eyeliner pencil for an upcoming wedding.
And that was really all that I bought from Serravalle Outlet. Hahahah. 
At around 3:30p.m, we left for the airport and it was time to say goodbye to Italy. :C

My last meal in Italy :C
I really really miss Italy. I had a lot of fun and I've learnt many new things from the trip. I'm definitely going back again one day. I was a little bummed out when I found out I wasn't going to Verona, but it's okay because I'll be saving it for my honeymoon (; 

So this was my Italy trip. I hope you guys had fun reading it :) It took me a crazy long time to compile the photos together (obviously because I'm not technically inclined at all).

I'll update again soon with a blog challenge, so stay tuned if you wanna find out! Yay 

Love you guys ^-^

P/S, if you've noticed any difference in quality between pictures, it's because some of them were taken from my phone :)