Christmas Day!
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Hey everyone! 
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you guys had great food and great company. I didn't do much today, just church and lunch. 
Last Friday, when I was back in my hometown, my aunt and uncle held a Christmas party in their home. It was so fun, and I ate alot. Here are some photos:

Just some casual & normal poses with a turkey

2am, my face says it all
My dinner plate! There was an empty space so my cousin made me a smiley face. Instantly made my plate picture worthy hahahah. The food prepared by my aunt was fantastic. So good that you could just continue eating everything for the rest of the night.

Overall, it was a well-spent weekend back at my hometown. I really miss my cousins right now. :C ALSO, JENN IF YOU'RE READING THIS..WHAT DO CATS DO?

Heheh love you guys, I'll be updating often before the school holidays end *on an important note: if you dare remind me about add math or economics, you can watch me break down into a nervous wreck in front of you. So yes. Don't even think about it.

2 more hours before Christmas ends! I'll update soon. Take care 

My current favorite songs: One More Sleep by Leona Lewis, Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson, Drive, Adore, Maybe you're right, Someone else (& a whole more bunch from Bangerz) by Miley Cyrus,  Heaven by Beyonce, Miracles of December by EXO.

My favorite dance choreographies lately, and also a few that I'm planning to learn: Half a Heart - Ian Eastwood Choreography,
Sorry - Dance Centre Myway, Save your Goodbye - Kyle Hanagami Choreography, Bubble Butt - Bea Villabol Choreography, Ball - Chachi Gonzales Choreography, WOD Hawaii 2013 - Chachi Gonzales, Tiney Miney Choreography Set