Day #1 Challenge
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Hullo every1
Saw this on a website and decided to do it ! :) Here it goooes

1 Thing I Need to Say

2013 IS COMING TO A FREAKING END. It's 7 more minutes to New Year's Eve and I am still in shock that 2013 went by just like that. Everything was so quick, and. just what the heck. How did it become December?

2013 was a great year for me though. I took a lot more risks, and I became a whole lot stronger and positive. I've been more self-confident and outgoing, so I'm really happy. However, there were also things that I've regretted not doing, or accomplishing, and so I think it would be really important for me to set out my priorities for 2014. If you guys didn't already know, 2014 is my exam year. It's going to be a whole lot busier and stressful so I need to have my focus on what I really want to get done.


1. Sleep
Okay I had to put this as my #1 because I really need to snap out of my unhealthy sleeping habits. Like for instance, I need to stop it with the "I'll just go to bed when I'm tired", and then feel like I just got a hangover the next morning. No. I need to end it.

2. Study 
Pretty happy that I could hit 3A*s 2As 3Bs 1C for this year. I'm definitely going to need to work harder on my Add math, Economics,  and Chem. Really hoping I can graduate by the end of 2014 and enter college at 17. :x

3. Dance
Im the centre one (: Creds: Orange
I feel like the more I dance, the more I love it. Even though it's going to be hectic next year, I'd definitely find a time to dance. I really want to improve myself, learn more different styles and perform more often. There's the biennial concert next year and I'm seriously praying that it doesn't clash with my exam period. so yesss *fingers crossed D:

4. Swimming

I FEI JOR ALRD. Need to kick back into my swimming and gym routine. sigh

Yeap, these are pretty much what I want to do (or get done) for next year. Wishing everyone Happy New Year's Eve! I wish I could go for a new year countdown, but I've got a family din din. Whatever you guys are doing, I hope you'd have funn :)
I'll be posting my day#2 challenge tomorrow so come back if you're curious

okay i have nothing else to write bye