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Hey everyone (or maybe just myself reading this next week), I know I haven't blogged in such a loong time and I'm sorry. I'm not going to give any excuses because I can only come up with really lame ones. But anyway, I thought it would be kind of fun if I wrote about what I did today.

I skipped church today because I woke up at about 10:30. I (still) feel bad for not going but I was so tired and I wanted to sleep in. So I made breakfast which was two slices of bread with nutella and butter, and I played some music and spun around in my swivel bar chair. Then I watched a video by britneyandbaby who is a youtuber that I admirer alot and I was energized to start the day!

I checked that the weather was really sunny and hot so I decided to bathe my dog. By the way, I almost locked myself out of the house when I went to get her, which is really embarrassing. I took her into the guest bathroom (or more like her own bathroom) and filled up her plastic bathtub. The minute I put her in, the water started to turn cloudy already and I was so surprised because it was like less than a week since she was last showered. Then I basically tried my best to scrub her as clean as possible and she was getting agitated because the water level kept brimming above her "comfort level" and I was getting irritated too because my nose started to become a running faucet.

Anyway after I was finished, I went to take a shower and then I started on my Chemistry revision. I revised on moles and it took me until around 5:30p.m to finish making notes and doing questions. It took me such a crazy long time because for some reason I just couldn't concentrate at all. I would just lose my focus even halfway reading a single sentence. I was so annoyed, and I was even more annoyed because my nose still couldn't stop leaking. I decided to take a break so I went to watch TV, and The Voice was showing so I watched a little bit of it. Then I got bored and went on to's channel and kpop hitz was on so that stuck.

At 6 something I told myself I needed to stop being so lazy, so I went upstairs and practiced dance. I practiced two choreos repeatedly (with some kpop fun dancing in between which i ended up laughing half the time instead) until 7. Then I showered again and found out my dad had cooked dinner, and I was really happy because there were mushrooms and vegetables.

And then I'm here noww woohoo. This was pretty much my Sunday. It's 8:30p.m, and I'm planning to finish up some more Chem questions later and then do some Add Math. And if I have extra time I would most probably pick up a good book and read because I haven not done that in ageees (well actually June, which was months ago). I really miss reading.

Tomorrow is Monday and I don't want to think about the first half of the day because it stinks and is just ew in general. But I'm excited for the after half because ep17 for Good Doctor will be out and I'm really curious about what's gonna happen to In-Hae and if her sister and the doctor will end up together and I better stop here before you hate on me. So yes. Mixed feelings about tomorrow but I will pull through it! With the strength of the drama hahahaha

This is alll. I'll blog again at a time I can't mention because I will never knoww ~