What's in my purse?
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Hey guys! :) 

So this is just a random post that I decided would be fun to write and share about. 
What's in my purse?

(from left to right)
1. Sanitary pad pouch for emergencies. Pretty self-explanatory.
2. Wallet from Roxy. I grabbed this at a huge sale for only rm60 (originally rm110), pretty good deal I think (: It's lasted me for 1 and a half years, and is still in good shape ^-^
3. Kleenex tissue. Reasons why I carry a big sized one- a) 10 sheets are never enough, and I always run out. & I'm just too lazy to keep replacing (tsktsk on me) b) I'm a clutz and I spill things
4. Glasses casing. In case my contact lenses get too itchy or irritating. 
5. My phone. Who doesn't bring their phone with them?!?! 
6. Pen from Typo. Given from my cousin :)) Love the print on it! so fun 
7. Essentials pouch. It's from Brands Outlet for only rm5.90! such a steaal. The inside fabric is really soft. I DIY-ed the outside with studs c: 
8. Wet tissue. Refer to no. 3b
9. Beauty pouch from Clarins.
10. optional: Girly pouch from Typo. Another gift from cousin! I only bring this around on special occasions. I use it for carrying makeup stuff 

Essentials pouch:
1. Dettol Hand Sanitizer. 
2. Eclipse mint candy. I'm weird for only liking this kind of mint. I generally hate mints but Eclipe's is the only one that I actually like (funny huh). 
3. Panadol. For cramps and stomach aches. I have to take these around everytime. In other words, I cannot live without them.
4. Eyedrops. I love, love the shape of it because it fits nicely into everything. It's under the brand C3, and it's specially for contact lense wearers. I cannot leave the house wearing contacts without it! 
5. Floss

Beauty pouch:

1. Moisturizer (Aloe Gel) and BB cream put into a contact lens case. 
2. Sun Shades Lip balm with SPF 15. I LOVE this lip balm. It smells like IKEA ice cream and so much of my childhood. 
3. Maybelline Lip balm. My favorite tinted lip balm. It's a sheer peach color, and it's doesn't give the sticky feeling most lip balms do. Super worth it for its price!
4. Lush Honey Trap Lip balm. I bring this EVERYWHERE I go. Most moisturizing lip balm I have ever used! I got this on my trip in Russia, and I cannot express how sad I am that there is no Lush in Malaysia.
5. Compact mirror from Forever 21. I do not know how, but this mirror has lasted me for years. No matter how many times it's been dropped, the mirror never broke. (such magic)
6. Bobby pins and hairbands. For eating at dinners, and to also stop getting remarks about my hair eating the food. Much embarrassment is avoided with these things!