The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Shampoo & Conditioner Review
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Hey guys! This is my first review of a product and I've decided to do KERATIN INTENSIVE Shampoo and Conditioner by The Face Shop. Please remember that you are able to enlarge the pictures below by clicking on it. :)

Left to right: Shampoo, Conditioner
Keratin Intensive is a product range by The Face shop for damage care. It consists of shampoo, conditioner, treatment and a leave in serum for extra moisture (more details here) It's mainly for those with dry and damaged hair, and it also repairs brittleness and split ends. I personally have dry hair, so that's why I decided to try out the shampoo and conditioner first.

Availability and price

Any Face Shop outlet- I bought mine at Paradigm mall.

Shampoo price: RM 29.90 (nett price)
Conditioner price: RM 33.90 (nett price)


They are both 300 ml

Shampoo and Conditioner

What I think about it: 

To be honest, what attracted me to the shampoo was because the saleslady told me it has some coconut oil content. This means that it would help lock in more moisture, making my hair more shiny. Having coconut oil in a product allows it to have a shelf life of about 18 months, thus this product does not have as much parabens as what most drugstore products would have. Parabens are artificial preservatives and it also holds a few health disadvantages that you can read about here
On top of that, it also has phytokeratin which is needed in damaged hair to make it stronger and less brittle. It also has glycerin, which is good for retaining moisture from the air in your hair.  However, the conditioner has different ingredients, having more alcohol and paraben percentage. It does not have any coconut oil content, instead soybean is used.

I really like the packaging. I think it gives sort of a natural and countryside feel to it. The scent is fresh and sweet. The conditioner has a light green tea smell. I think it's great that the fragrance isn't very strong, so it comes off pretty subtle.

Unfortunately, after using these two products, my hair was still dry. It was an improvement but the moisture was still not sufficient.


Ingredients and directions:

Texture once squeezed out:

Texture after being rubbed: 


Ingredients and directions:

Texture once squeezed out:

Texture after being rubbed:



  • Worth buying if you're on a tight budget
  • Does not contain as much harmful chemicals than in most hair products
  • Great smell and packaging 
  • Leaves your hair soft and slightly thinner


  • Those with badly dry and damaged hair may not obtain the results they want
  • It has some sulfate content which I dislike. If your hair is delicate, try using something sulfate free. They normally cost a bomb but they'd be totally worth it. You can try: Burt's Bee's or Avalon Organics
  • It did not reduce frizziness at the ends of my hair. This could perhaps be because I did not apply the leave-in serum. 

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