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Whether you know hyun woo or not, this has to make your day!
Can you believe it?! It's already May. It still feels like Chinese New Year was just over, but it's actually closing towards the middle of 2013. 

This is crazy. Soon I'd be an old aunty going to morning pasars to buy raw chicken, tofu and vege (which im actually looking forward to, huehaheh). 

Anyway, I'm not going to lie to you guys that I was being good and chose to blog. No, I'm just dead bored and lazy because today's a hooooliday! 

Me this morning
Tbh, I have a lot to do. Like catch up on my chemistry and finish pages of English. but those can just wait. and wait until maybe 11:59p.m??

I'm not going to think about it. Change of topic, the weather has been driving me nuts. Seriously, one minute I'm dragging myself to reach for the aircon control, and the other I'm all cocooned up in my fetal position under the blankets because of the rain. To make things "better", my nose has been super sensitive these days that it's like a running faucet and I can't stop sneezing. It's not flu, it's definitely caused by the dust in the air. haih

But besides that, i've been keeping up with my new year's resolutions pretty well. And when I mean pretty well, I mean at least one. I have been really enjoying being a CCL and getting to know the cute 4-year-olds. There's one boy with such fat cheeks that I canNOT help but pinch everytime, and I think I've been creeping him out. And there's this girl with such round eyes that I've been trying to communicate with with my extremely rusty and embarrassing Mandarin that I even think her pronunciation is better than mine. 

I have been going for my Street Jazz classes, and I am having 0 intention to quit because I love it. Plus, I signed up for Hip Hop too. ^-^ the current song we're doing is Thrift Shop by the onenonly macklemore ~

My other resolutions? Photography. neh. bm&mandarin. trying. cooking. neh. become a better person- yes, from the way I feel. find another activity that i love- I think one is more than enough. 
Last but not least, the most regretful thing that I have to say- I have not been working out, like since February. And it succcks! I've been such a bum, and the only things that I can get up for is dance. Trying to find the time is difficult too, on top of having class twice a week and homework. 
But I've made it a point to join Celebrity fitness in mid June, after the school holidays.

Oh yeah! I'm going to Russia & Scandinavia during the hols. I'm so excited! I'd be there for 16 days and I'm really hyped. I'll definitely post pictures when I'm back. Also, I'm not sure if I promised anything about posting pictures from my last trip (korea), but I'll try to post them up asap. 

That's all I have to say :)) 

Talk to you guys soon ~