Progress in the first 17 days of 2013.
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Hey guys :D

So it's the 17th of January 2013, and I'm soo happy to say that I've already been working on some of my New Year's Resolutions.

New Year's Resolutions 

-not in any order-

1) Get fit. Lose weight. ☑ Signed up for a fitness package on 3rd Jan which means aerobics, body shaping, and the gym facilitieeess.

2) Learn Street Jazz dancing ☑ Started two weeks ago and I l o v e it 

3) Become a CCL (Children's Church Leader) ☑ Signed up and went for the orientation last Sunday c:

4) Pick up photography - my camera has been sitting around since last year.

5) Improve in my Mandarin and BM - I don't know if this is ever going to happen, but cross fingers.

6) Become a better person. Sounds cheesy and all, but yeah. I had a rough two years of idkinsecureshit and I'm still trying to fix the damage I've done to myself. If that sounds understandable enough. And I can say I've become better. Just somehow.

7)  Learn how to cook. I'm so bad at it, but I really need to learn it. Need.

8) Find another activity or something that I'd really enjoy doing.

That's about it. Yeap. Just 8 of them that I hope can last or happen before 2013 ends.

Gonna close this post like how most people do on their websites - with a rhetorical question.

What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions? (;

ok bye