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Hello! C:

I can't believe tomorrow (today, since it's already 1a.m) is the end of 2012. I could say it is one of the most slowest and fastest years I've ever experienced, and I really don't know how that's actually possible. But it is.

I've already decided to go for aerobics and street jazz dance class next year. So pumped for that! And I'm going to push myself harder to swim and do pilates more often. I need it 'cos I have lots of stomach and arm flab that needs to go. :C

Anyway, today was exciting. I got a second lobe piercing (yay!) that I've been wanting to get since last year. Then I went shopping with my cousins C:

Tomorrow I might be going for a countdown, so i can't wait for that.
And school starts this Wednesday, but I can wait for that. I finally got a new school backpack tho! Whoooop.

Ok I'm reAlLY exhausted right now. my right eye keeps twitching cause of the lack of sleep last night :C gotta sleep now. I'll try to upload some Korea pics as soon as I can :)

Nights guise, and happy new yeeeeear!

this is such a lame post im sorry