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I'm back! I'm actually actually writing another post in the same week! This feels so great. I think it's funny how I used to blog at least three times A DAY when I had my first blog and now that I'm just being able to blog  twice in a week makes me feel accomplished. I had my one of a kind program as a home-schooler, so don't question how I managed to blog that much! It's now deleted anyway, so you can't find it no matter w h a t C:

I'm waiting for my dad to come back from one u with my packed dinner, but it's taking forever. It's 9p.m already, and I didn't have lunch today. :( Aish.

I don't know what to write anymore. Uhhhhm....Oh yeah, I'm so excited for Korea this Monday! :D Can you believe I was dreading to go there two days ago? All because of my cousin who told me about this Asia Super Showcase that's happening on the 11th, the exact same day I'm leaving for Korea (this is because my flight is at 1a.m). I was thinking, whatseriouslywhy must it be that when I leave for Korea, bands FROM Korea have to come!? I was really upset especially 'cause Exo is to perform. & really, how can you not pay to see these faces in real life?:


My favorite in the whole group (: Watch the music videos and you'll understand why. His dancing is sooo goooooood.
Anyway, I found out later that Exo-M was only coming..meaning:

So, I suppose you can say I felt quite a lot better, knowing that I have a chance to see the rest of Exo in Korea now. :P Except for..Lu Han. But it's okay.

yeah...I think this is enough of K-pop fangirling coming from me. Hehehe. Okay, time for my dinner now ^-^