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Hey guyys.

Apologies for not blogging since July. I think this has been the longest I've gone without blogging.

Anyway, this will just be a very quick and brief summary of what happened since. August was a fast month, I can't remember what I did during that month. I had my final exams in mid-October. My results weren't what I expected, and I was frankly very disappointed with it. Then there were preparations for Appreciation Night  which was on November 1st. On November 9th (Friday), it was the last day of school, and also my last day in Arrows. It was really sad and I'm going to miss everyone, including the teachers. The following Monday, I left for Singapore with my cousins and Aunt. It was suuuper fun! We went to luge, Universal Studios and window shopping at Takashimaya. I had my first roller coaster at Universal Studios and it was on Human Battleship Galactica. It didn't have upside-down loops, just plunges but they were scary enough! My whole tummy flipped and I almost peed in my pants. On Thursday, we left and arrived in KL at about 5p.m. Jenn, my cousin, was still hyped about the roller coaster ride so we spent the rest of the day watching roller coaster rides on Youtube. She and her family left the next day, I was so sad I spent my whole day sleeping.

Stole this off Google. I went on the red one! (Human)
That's about it. C: Since last week, I haven't been doing much, just lazed around. Yesterday and today have been the most unproductive 'cause my dad got food poisoning and can't drive. Hopefully he'll be well enough to buy back dinner tonight. Anyway, in one and a half weeks' time, I'll be off to Korea! I'm so excited, 'cause I'll be going to Lotte World and skiing at the same place Jung Yonghwa & Seo Joohyun went! ^-^

Christmas is approaching! Actually, not really, it's a month away. But it's been trending on Twitter,  some most of my friends are already talking about it and there are LOTS of Christmas photos up on Tumblr already. There's nothing wrong with that, it just feels...almost unreal. I mean, honestly, if you were to ask me what was my last memorable moment of 2012, it would be all the way back in January. And now it's going to be December? 2012 has been an empty year, and I don't know how to greet 2013. December marks the last month of the year, making it the last chance for you to accomplish your 'new year's resolutions' you've made the previous year. What I wanted to become in 2012 was just to be happy. It was my 'new year's resolution' (Read: http://tanweilynn.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-new-year-my-letter-to-2011.html). I knew that was what I wanted the most then. I was going through a rough time, and I thought 2012 would be better. I'm not even going to describe the downs of 2012, but it made getting up much harder.

 I don't know what to think of 2013. I just hope I can get through it. I'm not going to have any new year's resolutions. I don't want to build up any expectations of anything, anymore.

So yeap. That's all. I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore, but I'm still going to try to blog more often since it's the holidays.