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11:11 p.m, 30 July 2012
I'm finally 14! Whoooo.

I don't feel any different though.

Anyway, I'm so excited to say that I had a surprise party last Saturday! It was amazing, I never expected it. I really didn't suspect a thing, and I think it's probably because I'm either too blur, or my friends can just win the award for Best Acting. Really.

To make things even better, my cousins Amy and Anne came down! Jenn was supposed to, but she has fever. If you're reading this, Jenn I HOPE YOU GET WELL SOOON! Drink lots of water, sleep lots, and take your meds! Don't really know why I'm giving you medical advice when both your parents are already doctors...

I think Saturday was the best birthday party I ever had. All thanks to Joanna for planning it! I love you, Jooo!! I hope you'll have as much fun as I did, this Wednesday, when you turn 15!
I'm strangely not disappointed that no one actually believed my birthday is on December 30. They just pretended to believe. Which I, of course, believed they believed.

I had lots of fun last night too (: Amy was still around, and we were at her brother's condo. He just moved into it, and it looks so great! Then we headed off to McD's, and packed a slice of cake back from Secret Recipe. When we got back, we recorded the lamest, most retarded videos of us dancing to lonelyisland and LMFAO's songs. My bro and I left at 12:15a.m after that :)

I would so love to upload the pictures from last night, but my bro just haaaad to bring his iPad back to his college. So you guys will have to wait until Wednesday. I'm sorry :(

Feeling very disoriented and tired right now, slept late last night! So, I will only write more about the surprise party when I upload the pictures okeeeh.

Bye guys! (: And thanks for all the wishes, and presents, and hugs! I love you all xoxoxox.

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