Ne Me Quitte Pas
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Hi guys :D

Topical Tests are over, and I'm so so happy! It feels great to not come home from school and bury my head in the textbooks again for hours.

These are the things I've decided to do now that tests are over:
  • Go to Taman Tun park and have a photoshoot.
  • Learn a faster way to burn CDs.
  • Learn more about Melaleuca pills and soap.
  • Blog more!
  • Get a new blog layout as a birthday present for myself  :) (If you remember, this is what I did last year too ^^)
  • Bake cookies.
  • Finish sewing the card holder, even though Mom's not there to help anymore.
  • Finish painting the cottage picture, even though Mom's not there to help anymore.
  • Watch FRIENDS and the latest season of Big Bang Theory. 
  • Practice dance as performance is in less than two months!
  • Continue swimming at a club.
  • Make a live video.
I've gotten back my results for 5 out of the 7 subjects I take - 3 A's, 1 B and 1 C.
The C I got was for BM, but it doesn't matter because it's much better than a fail!
And just to console myself even further, chances are I'm going to study oversees and BM wouldn't be a necessity anymore!

I can't believe July is already coming to an end. It's probably because I was so caught up with my studies, I didn't realize time was flying (haha, trying to sound hardworking there).

I'm turning fourteen in five days! I don't really know why I've been counting down the days to it even though nothing much is happening on that day. Honestly, I don't even think anything is going to happen on that day. I told everyone my birthday is actually on December 30, and the date I had set on my Facebook profile is fake.

Some believed me, which proves how good I am at convincing people. So, yay for that! Soon, people will believe I'm half ninja. (; How cool is that?

But yeah, if you're reading this, realize that I've just let you on a big secret and you better keep it to yourself. Or I'll hunt you down and steal your food.

I know this may sound a little selfcentered or whatever you want to call it, of me, but if you're wondering what I'd like for my birthday..Here's the list (don't worry, it's not Rapunzel long lah okay?) :
  1.  A hug
  2. A wish. Preferably handwritten so that I can put it in my Box of Wishes. Which is a shoebox filled with birthday and christmas wishes from people. I can hear you laughing from here, but really, as cheezy as this may sound, I read back all of you guys' wishes every year. (lol so be flattered.)
  3. And only if you want, surprise me. 
That's pretty much it. Told you it wouldn't be longg.

I hung out with Ashley today! We went to this cool park in my neighborhood, which is a little further than the bigger park. We got to watch children play at the playground, and ended up quietly commenting about how bias and grumpy their grandfather was. 

We also got to see two women picking up litter and watering the plants. We really wanted to help them but they were apparently speaking in Mandarin, and I didn't want to risk using my rusty Mandarin skills to try to communicate with them. 

All in all, it was a good day. :D

So yeah. That's about it.
Was going through old photos from my laptop just now. Here's a few I found (taken last year) :

&&, This is me trying to be creepy.

Lastly, a song you should listen to: 

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