Nonchalant outside , scared inside.
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Hello, you.

Started reading Emma by Jane Austen two days ago, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Am planning to finish it before topical test week begins (:

Anyway, today is the second last day of 2011 & I have no idea how to approach it , or let's say, end it as it's already 9:18p.m. Not many memorable memories were made this year ; I hardly get those happy flashbacks running through my mind from this year. And I hate to say that I know why.

Indulging in nostalgia is probably one of my many bad tendencies this year. Um, so is becoming lazy. Combination of that two makes an unproductive person, like me. I think that's enough for me to say that this whole year has been sadly wasted.

But, quoting from my previous two posts 'I can't erase all the sadness let alone change anything' I guess I just have to leave this year as it is and anticipate for the year ahead. And I will. However, there's this thing called the 2012 phenomenon (I bet you've heard of it), which is said that the world will end on the 31st December 2012. I'm not saying I believe in it, but there may be a possibility right? To be honest , it's intensifying the pressure of me making 2012 memorable.

I'm scared of what's awaiting for me next year. And I'm scared I would be indifferent. Like I said, one of my 2012 resolutions I've figured out is to be happy. But then, this is just another resolution among the other failed resolutions from the past years. Call me a pessimist for all I care. But really, I've learned that every little move we make can make a huge impact and difference. What if I make the wrong moves again like this year?

Spilling glue all over my table so that I can peel them off after they have dried. I think I've gone nuts. Going to take a shower and try to get some good sleep so that I will have sufficient energy at Mystical Eve concert tomorrow night. As much as I want to blog some more, I think it's best I leave this post as it is and let you guys conclude that I'm a weird lunatic who needs help.

Nights. And just in case I don't get to blog again tomorrow, Happy New Year :)