White rabbits on the run.
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How would life be , if it were a fairy tale ?

Oh,hello (: Chinese New Year is approaching, and the weather feels like it had just increased by ten times . It's been about three months since I've been pondering on what to wear for Chinese New Year , and, as much as I know how behind time I am in choosing an outfit, my flu is simply killing the mood . Yes, you heard me , I'm sick again. I really pray I'd manage to recover before Friday, because that's when I really need my taste buds back. Looking forward to all the food , ang paus , and my valid excuses to be fat during the festive season . Oh yeah , fun fun fun fun .

Currently hooked onto Emmy Rossum's music. Dream pop ftw . :}

I wish I could steal clothes off Tumblr.

Gina sitting next to me, begging for the organic raisins in my hand. I'm starting to conclude that the world could revolve around you if you have huge brown eyes, along with an innocent look .

Anyone wants to take me out to One Utama and buy me a notebook, so that I can fill it with my favorite quotes ? :D

Yeah , I have this habit of being vague when it come to blog posts.