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Hi :3

So, it's been exactly ten days since I've been back from my trip to Taiping. & guess what? My bags are still left unpacked. Seriously. SKILLS MAN. My room is like a pigsty, no kiddings. I have piles of dirty clothes thrown everywhere, stationery scattered across my table & shelves, & books (not to mention papers as well) thrown in every direction. I'm a pretty cool person.

Sometimes I wonder how my friends can tolerate such a room when they come over ._.

Anyway! Appreciation night is around the corner , and I'm pretty nervous. My dance solo is still pretty messy, and I haven't really got the hang of tutting. :Y Oh, and, I have no idea what to wear for the dinner before the performances. I mean, how am I to know what in my closet falls under the category of 'smart casual'? Bleh!

Eating papaya now. Like a boss. 8) Hehe. Cousins are coming down next week. I'm sososo excited.

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