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Comes to a point in life where I don't understand people and a stage in life where I don't understand myself either. Questions just keep flooding in of which the majority can only be answered by God.

Hello. It's December already. I can happily say I've survived 2011 now. I know it's still a little early for me to conclude this year, and start jotting down my New Year Resolutions, but whatever. I don't think anyone will bother to read this post till two weeks after it gets published :Y

This year was the most difficult. I learned things through the painful way, I lost friends for the right reasons, and made the wrong decisions. I was let down, used, and compared. I learned more about God, had the longest time being broke and got closer to my brother. I also had my first burger from Burger King :D . I spent my birthday at my grandparents' house because of an unfortunate accident. I was back stabbed, & taken for granted. But along the way, I realized who were the people who actually cared. Turns out they're all family.
I was called the things I knew I weren't, I was alone. I got through my eating problems. My insomnia is getting slightly better. My scoliosis didn't progress (:. & I'm going to have my new private chauffeur very soon :D Heh. Yeah, my brother just passed his driving test. :b

I didn't fulfill all my New Year Resolutions for 2011 though. Mehh.
Anyway, remember this? :

Milk toof! :D I used to put their pictures on my blog last year :3

Okai, this is such a lame post. Everything is just everywhere, & im not making much sense; new post now._.