Thirteen (:
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SO, I'm officially thirteen today. I don't feel much difference :b But , umm yeahh.

My dad was supposed to get me an iPad early this month, but my bro told me to wait for the iPad 3 first. :Y That explains why there's a compact camera sitting right next to me now .
And my dad bought the wrong color ._.

I got the Nikon S80, in brown and white. I wanted black , but I guess this will have to do. /:

It's raining outside anyway :D In the morning, from 7:30a.m. Rain+Blogging+In Bed=(Y)

I have to rush over to my hometown tonight, for an emergency. Not looking forward to three hours in the car D;

ANYWAY, you might have "PROBABLY" realized I changed my blog layout since 93482716 years . Just so you know, it took me like a week of blogskin hunting. I was so frustrated, I almostt wanted to create my own blogskin from scratch. I mean, the skins are cool and such but whenever I find NICE ones , the columns are either pushed too far to the right, or too far too the left. And that annoys the shit out of me :X

I found this layout in the end. Not my ideal one, but at least the columns are placed WHERE THEY SHOULD BE. Sorry for the small font though. You can try Ctrl+ScrollUp for zoom:D

Okay, I'm starting to turn this birthday post into a computer lesson D:


P/S , I won't be online till Monday. So, if there's anything, text me (:
P.P/S , I'll update you guys once I come back :}