What goes around, comes back around.
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I wish I could tie you up in my shoes
Make you feel unpretty too

HI(: . Thought I should just write a quick post before this blog dies again . August is starting off okay . I'm trying my best to cope with the new Accounts chapter, and I'm planning to pick up drums this month . Hopefully this month will fly by quickly just like July . I want December to come so badd):

Anyhoo, I went shopping at 8 in 1u today . Went to see the new old wing P: The new shops are awesome, and they re-tiled the whole three floors. Brands Outlet is finally opened, and omaigot it's amazing. Smaller compared to the one in Ikano , but at least they CHANGE THEIR STOCK REGULARLY. And the graffiti t-shirts make more sense the ones in Ikano :b
Next to Brands Outlet is Nichii. It's so small now ); and they don't sell spaghetti singlets anymore :/

Made one big mistake - Going into the shop opposite Nichii and Brands. I saw these reallyyyyyyyy nicegoodqualityshinypretty clutches and got distracted. So happened the shop was particularly meant for 38+ year old ladies. I had this awkward moment with the coworkers who were trying to assist me /: HAHA.

After that , I decided to window shop , 'cause I was already kind of broke after spending fifty bucks at Brands . I went into SoxWorld and then into this shop called YoungCollection . I found a whole section on hairbands & because I needed new ones, I tried to decide which packet I should buy. And then this Malay worker haaad to advice me. I mean, that's fine and all , she's friendly and stuff but SHE SPOKE TO ME IN BMMMMM. ME NO UNDERSTAND BAHASA MELAYUU.
I always usually go for the cheaper value , so I wanted to purchase the other packet which only costs $2.90 , instead of the other which costs $4.90 . But the Malay worker gave me this tenpageslong advice on why I should pick the other one. I didn't understand a thing okay. I just knew that she preferred the $4.90 over the $2.90 'cause of dunno what 'keep pulling rambut' thingg. But who actually cares la. All hairbands do that...& they'd all eventually break. So what's the difference between high quality and low quality hairbands? But because I didn't want to look STUPID , I bought the $4.90 pack -.- ish.

Okay I gotta go now (: LOVE YOU PEOPLE, BAAAI .