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So I became a really terrible blogger due to the fact that 1. It's been what seems like eons since I last blogged 2. my blog posts are so boring 3. I've let this blog die.

But anyways, to whoever reading this (which i doubt that there's even a single person out there reading this) , you can consider yourself extremely loyal. I have no idea what made you decide to visit my ever so rusty blog, but YEAH, you're cool :D *Though, don't sue me if you fall asleep halfway reading this post.

Anyway, I should update you guys with what happened recently.

I went to Sydney, Australia on the first of July (great way of starting July ey?) 'till the 8th. It was funnn , but my butt & brain had the time of their lives. Why? 'Cause my butt took a break from stuuupid swimming , and my brain took a break from..schooling. I ain't specifying any subjects in particular because I pretty much suck at every subject . :(

Another thing which happened was TESTWEEK .
Tomorrow's the last day AND I JUST CAN'T W8 . Testweek was hell . I'm serious I studied, but my results don't show even a hint of it. I MEAN , 50% FOR ENGLISH ? I scored 79% for last semester and I dropped 29% in this semester when I'M SUPPOSE TO IMPROVE.
I feel like killing myself. ish. I have no hope for BM. BM's a definite fail , and I heard I scored eighty something for maths. IT AIN'T GOOD ENOUGHD; what happened to my straight A*s ?

#feelin'likeafailure. Science is tomorrow. Wish. Me. Luck.