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Reminisced my past yesterday & realized so many things I wish I didn't have to know. I had carelessly hurt so many people , but what could I have done ? I wasn't ready for any commitment .

I didn't want any extensions, or fanciness added , and there wasn't any way I could think of which didn't involve me hurting you .

So what I thought was irritating being surrounded by them , was actually what an average girl would call 'lucky' . But I had classified them all as irritating, trying to get rid of them , and now what's left is a string of guys who had moved on , not bothering to wait anymore.

Relieved ? Yeah. But him . Seven years, and just when I thought he had given up , he came back again .

I feel like the meanest person on earth right now.

My life is such a mess .
Why can't I have a normal life?