I was everything to You all along.
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Something really interesting happened to me today .

The Lord spoke to my heart the words I've been trying to hear all my life. It came together with such strong assurance that broke me down , literally. He told me everything would be alright . That I was someone special to Him . He made me realize how stupid I have been , allowing myself to get swallowed up with all these worldly issues that don't matter . He said "You said you're ugly , you're useless , you're worthless , but if that was true why would I have created you ? And do you think what you do matters to other people more than me? Do you know how much worth is there in a a soul?"

It stumped me so badly . A book was given to me exactly a week ago , and because I'm a bookworm I read it . I discovered one of the most rare questions I've actually ever been asked. It asked , "If you died tonight , are you 100% sure that you'd be in Heaven ?"
It took me the longest time to answer a question & I'm pretty sure you weren't able to answer that easily either.

This whole insane thing happened to me like several minutes ago , and my face is still wet . So, apologies for any grammar errors found in this post .

This year's the hardest year I've had , although you may not have seen the pain hidden behind all my smiles and laughter. I went through quite a lot of depression. I had so many insecurities. I hated the fact that God just had to give me scoliosis, which ruined my opinion on my figure . But I think I'm finally through it .