A mere second could change your life 180 degrees.
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Some of you may know I'm currently having this 'book craze' of my own. So far I've managed to finish three books, and am on my fourth. Three more to go! :D

Yesterday, I realized that I haven't finished my Science project :Y I also realized it has to be completed before school starts. And I ALSO realized it's a group project, and that I have to somehow arrange a time for everyone to start on it. Screw it. Screw it for disrupting my school holidays.

Anyhoo, I've promised this girl called Evelyn Lim to blog a post bout her (:

And I s'ppose it's quite safe for me to combine it together with whatever I just wrote above. Yeah.

So, Evelyn's my age. We met when I first started school here in ALC :D
I could remember the first day clearly. She was really, really quiet (unimaginable but she was) and coming to think about it, I think I was the one who made her hyper ._. Ohwells! We started talking alot and she told me about her made-up swear words. I could remember her first one was 'chicken rice' xD It was created 'cause the chicken rice in this school is disgusting according to her.

It soon progressed to 'button mushroom' and then to 'cheescake'. Meanwhile, I decided to make my own swear words. I made 'banana cake' and 'piranha fish'. I guess piranha fish aren't edible, but so what? It sounds cool and weird.

We also created this awesome book called A.A.A where we would scribble random stuff. During classes , we would pass the book to each other and write weird stuff on it. Our plan was to let each other take the book back home to scribble more stuff in it. We do it alternately, taking turns. Unfortunately, we used up all the spaces in the book, and now we're left A.A.A-less. /: We're deciding to buy a new one though, with our own pocket money :D

There was particularly one day in school, which turned out to be one of my favorites. It was the day when everyone found out about the 'pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows' song and were singing it continuously in school. It slowly became a song to provoke/taunt each other though :P , but in a great , annoying way. There was Friday too. All thanks to Rebecca Black & that creepy pyramid eyebrowed guy on Youtube..

Recently, we developed this inside joke about gay highlighters. It's a long story. But Evelyn, if you're reading this, WHICH I HOPE YOU ARE OTHERWISE WRITING THIS POST WOULD PRETTY MUCH BE POINTLESS, you'd get what I mean (:

'Kay ', nuff said. Talk to you guys another time. x

P.S: Blogger finally fixed the photo uploader! :D

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