Rojak post.
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My blogger is so screwed up. It isn't letting me upload photos. Wanna switch to onsugar soon if Blogger won't fix this.

These few days were. Well. Depressing? I can't blame PMS cause I just got over it last week. I would sit in one corner, feel like crying and keep asking God why I can't rewind time; why I was put in this position; why He can't let me know how much potential I have; Let me know that there's a way to solve all these problems.

And everyday, I would wonder why He had let me have scoliosis. It isn't fair. Nothing's fair.

I got all of my results, (Accounts 84%) - highest in class for three subjects. Yet, my parents didn't bother. In fact, on the days when I studied for seven hours after school, they would ask me to stop instead of encouraging me. I'm not like other kids, who are better in sports and activities than studies.

And my parents want me to be like them. It's like I've been disappointing them all the while.

This is so stupid. I don't know what to do anymore..*sigh