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Exams are over! :D In other words, I'm finally stress-free. I literally disconnected myself from all electrical devices for about four days and now I'm back on! During the exam week I had been studying like !@#%$^&$@. Right after school I would come straight home and study all the way until my bedtime. Yes, that's how serious I take my studies.

Anyways, the holidays are approaching and I'm soo excited. I've already promised myself to throw all my textbooks away in one pile once the holidays start. :D Hoyeah :}

This time, I'm gonna use the school holidays to make something productive/beneficial. Here's what I'm planning to do:
  1. Learn how to make cake pops!
  2. Make cupcakes
  4. Finish up The Last Song
  5. Download Around the World in 80 Days movie and watch it.
  6. Write a book. A short one will do. I miss my old hobby when I was young /:
  7. Play Counter Strike. Haven't played it in like two or three years. It brings back memories (:
  8. Probably ride my bike. I don't even think I remember how to ride one anymore.
  9. Try out a new slurpee flavor from 7Eleven (nothing beneficial about that but whatever :P)
  10. Make another music video with lyrics! Miss those times I could make videos anytime I wanted :(
  11. Make a new blogskin! :D
  12. Learn more stuff about html codes.
  13. Take pictures.
Obviously, I can't cover all of the above in two weeks, so I'm planning to just do about seven of them. :P Hahaha.

Oh yeah, I got my exam results today. Except for Accounts though :(
That one's coming on Wednesday.
Here's what I got so far:

Science- 94%
Maths- 94%
English- 80% :'(
Bm-50% D':

Screw karangans and essays for life! Am so dissappointed with the English and BM results. Hope the Accounts' would be higher than those two.

Okay, I'm done. I wanna give my full attention to my Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher chocolates now (:

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