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I wish my school supplied BM textbooks instead of small exercise books, so I could print and stick this picture in it :P Ohwells. I'm gonna stick it in my Accounts book :D

So, exams have officially started and although I'm supposed to be studying, I'm still here on the computer. Erm, ohwells.

During the last few days I've been studying quite alot. Besides the countless breaks I took in between , I studied like four to five hours a day after I came home from school . So my routine was like School, Lunch, School, Tea, Study, Dinner, Study, Sleep. (But obviously, I did have long breaks too, haha. I went tumblr-theme-hunting.)

Today I took the BM paper 1. It was hard, especially one of the pages of which I gave up trying to find the answers and ticked all the boxes under 'betul' :P For karangan, I was like ._______.

Hahaha. But still, karangans are easier than the comprehensions cause you don't have to keep flipping the pages and stuff like that.

On Wednesday, I have Science and BM Paper 2. I'm pretty much excited for science /: Stupid much, but it's like the only subject I'm confident in , among the others.

Okay, it's 10:30. Even though I only studied about two hours today, I'm all drained out.
And furthermore, Natalie's picking me up at 8:15a.m tomorrow. Hope I won't make her wait.


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