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To all my friends, really sorry for all the recent emo-fied posts in my blog :( I shall try to talk about more exciting stuffs rather than the frustration I go through sometimes :)

My brother's been desperate for new songs and has been asking me to suggest a few new ones to him. So, I did. A few months ago, I was really into Korean music. I suggested an SNSD song to him. His first impression was like 'OH HELL NO. What kind of music is this?'. He didn't directly tell me that, but it was simply plastered all over his face. The next thing I knew, he was blasting it on his own radios -.- See the irony?

Hahah. The exact same thing actually happened yesterday. He's such a weirdo, but I guess that's one of the main things I like about him :3

It's been what seems like eons since I've made a list on my blog, so I've decided to make two (:

Things I LOVE:

1. I love meaningful songs and movies which can really touch your heart :')
2. I love romance and comedy.
3. I love sitcoms :)
4. I love songs that make people feel like dancing.
5. I love songs where you can replay them over and over again without easily getting sick of it.
6. I love, love, love looking up into the sky and staring at the clouds, wondering what kind of shapes they are.
7. I love to imagine the various possibilities of the things that can lie at the end of a rainbow.
8. I love uniforms 'cause you don't need to figure out what you need to wear everyday to school.
9. I love hugs.
10. I love hanging out with my cousins alot (:
11. I love perfumes
12. I love managing to eat up every single thing on my plate.
13. I love to fold clothes.
14. I love fast reading.
15. I love collecting posters from magazines.
16. I love 3-D stickers.
17. I love walking barefooted on carpeted floors.
18. I love laughing and occasionally screaming on the floor with my friends.
19. I love flowers but hate to maintain them.
20. I love tongue twisters.
21. I love words of encouragement
22. I love to tease my brother
23. I love it when my brother is around.
24. I love looking at albums containing all the baby photos of my brother and me, even if it's the millionth time doing so.
25. I love rewinding back to the past and trying to relive the memories in my head.
26. I love it someone is unable to argue with me anymore and that feeling of victory.
27. I love watching movies right before I go to bed.
28. I love it when it rains so that I have an excuse to not go swimming.
29. I love going on google translator and typing in random words & listening to the pronunciation.
30. I love the smell of old books.
31. I love listening to '80's music at night.

And, here's a few things I hate:

1. Googling up the definitions of words I don't understand and getting a dumb answer. For example: contradiction.


2. I hate it when the facebook tab keeps changing from 'Facebook' to 'New Message from ....' It's so annoying and distracting.
3. The red lines underneath my name whenever I type it out.
4. Setting the date and time in my camera or phone after charging them.
5. When my phone or camera is running low on battery and I need them most.
6. When people don't make an effort to talk in conversations.
7. Having to break awkward moments by asking out of the moon questions with acquaintances.
8. The pop-up windows which constantly appear on websites for lyrics.
9. When I just realized I consumed a type of food which turns out to be expired.
10. When my computer crashes.
11. When people won't stop teasing even when you ask them to.
12. Getting excited 'cause I found an awesome piece of clothing or accessory at a reasonable price and then finding out that it's SOLD OUT -.-
13. People who swear and think it's some kind of joke.
14. Wannabes. I mean, what's the use of having a life when you just copy off whatever someone does? It's not like you can't afford being special.
15. When I use the BM to English dictionary and is still unable to understand the definition. People should stop assuming that if my BM is weak, it means that my English is very pro.
16. People who are extremely bossy. I can tolerate those kind but not when it comes to teamwork and they're like 'Oh, with all do 'respect' I still think my idea is better'. But what's worse is when they even disallow the members of the group to contribute ideas.