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Dear 2011,

I hate you. I wish it was 2002, when problems didn't affect me as much as they do nowadays. When I've never cried myself to sleep. When losing friends wouldn't be that heartbreaking. When I wouldn't have to break guys' hearts every year since I was eight. When I could easily rely on almost everyone.

When I could do practically anything without ruining my reputation. When I didn't even care about my reputation. When I've never experienced how stressful school life can be. When my brother and I could just have fun by playing with toys instead of talking about the big, fat issues that are troubling us.

'Cause right now, I feel so ashamed of my life because I doubt I've ever brought major pride to my family, that I've ever inspired someone, that I've been a big part in someone's life.

That I may not be able to do all of the above before it's too late.

I just feel like shit..So much for my first year being a teenager.