my heart skips a beat.
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Holidays are finally in and the teachers have stacked extra piles of home-work on their students. Typical.

Throughout these few weeks, my sleeping patterns have been so messed up that I've noticed I'm starting to develop ugly dark circles under my eyes. So, I've decided that 40% of my holiday will be focused on sleep, 40% on shopping, 10% on eating and 10% on finishing my home-works.

Smart, eh? :P

Anyway, my weeks have also been like a bunch of red cards shuffled together with black ones. Weekends with pure home-schoolers and weekdays with students who mostly came from government school. And I can tell you something, home-schoolers and government students speak a completely different language.

I can't decipher my emotions right now and I don't really know what to do next. I've just recently found out that I'm only able to wear a pair of shorts from my closet. A sign of weight gain.