imprinting my current feelings.
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Seeing models on TV, I get this instant pang of jealousy. Their looks, their agility, their shape, their talents, their incredible dignity they have in themselves..everything. And I would feel somehow assured that I can never illustrate such beauty like them. The only thing which forms up inside of me is the useless envy. Then, I would simply turn off the TV and sulk.
Sometimes, I wonder why God doesn't let me know what his plan is for me, or even the reasons why I'm ME and not someone else.

And yet, there's no answer. It's all extremely confusing.

I think it's time I should try to be more optimistic. To stop blaming myself for the things I'm not good at. (:

lynn x

P.S: New favorite word! :D rhododendron. HAHAAHHA. The amount of 'd's LOL.
P.P.S: I just updated the 'the author' tab a few days ago. [: You can go read my new updated bio. Ehehh