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If only spiders looked like that in real life ):

So here I am, sitting on my pale yellow swivel chair inhaling aerosol/Shieldtox Attack. That is what happens when a baby spider invades an overly foolish timid girl's room *points at myself* who transform into a chicken at every tiny thing that moves with six/eight legs. Bleugrh.

Anyhoo, I'm downright annoyed because I have no idea which school or tuition I'm going to this year! Everything's a huge mess and extremely confusing. My mom's paid the fees for FLC's side-classes which are starting in February but it can't be confirmed yet because of the shortage of teachers currently. And meanwhile, my mom's considering sending me to Ara Damansara's homeschooling center along with Joanna. It has already started, which irritates me alot since their orientation day is over and everybody there knows each other already.
Furthermore, there's no backup plan if FLC's classes aren't able to start. =.= I feel so left out. Like the whole world is learning and improving themselves and I'm at home debating with nobody else but my brain.
My old science class is starting on Friday.. I HAVE NO IDEA IF I'M GOING OR NOT. D:

Cross fingers, I hope my mom makes the right decision. And whatever it would be, I want some sort of school to be involved with it. I'm plain sick of studying at home. It's been six years and I'm longing to get a taste of REAL school again. *Sigh..

Everything is so blurry. It's like standing in a midst of fog, while everybody else is clear of their future. Why are decisions so difficult to be made?

P.S: apologies for any grammatical errors in this post. I'm too irritated to correct them.

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