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School has officially started and my amount of uncompleted English homeworks are constantly bugging me. During the school holidays, my mom has been hammering health articles into my brain and I have to say she was successful in doing it. These articles are like: "DO NOT SLEEP WITH THE LIGHT ON, IT CAN LEAD TO CANCER." or "DO NOT IMMEDIATELY SIT IN THE CAR AFTER YOU OPEN THE DOOR BECAUSE THE HEAT CAN CAUSE BALLAALA."
There's actually more. She's scared me dead with countless simple things that most of my friends have never thought is harmful.
Anyway, if any of you have noticed, there was this period of time where I completely stopped taking photos. Well, it started of when piles of homeworks have been consistently thrown at me every week that caused pimples to infest on my forehead. So yeah. Obviously, no one likes pimples. But it's been clearing off really fast since the school holidays. So you shall see more of me! Ahaha.

That's about itt (: Sorry for the randomness in this post. I was in a mood to blog. Eheh.
Okay, I got to go to Julia's house now :D

lynn x

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