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So, I finished To Kill a Mockingbird in six days. Now my brother is acting like he doesn't care.
Whatever. Anyway, I'm going back to my hometown TOMORROW. My mom just told me this a few days ago. Usually, she informs me about it weeks before so I consider this 'on short notice'. I AM SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS AT THE SAME TIME. HONESTLY, I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M NERVOUS BUT I JUST FEEL LIKE THAT.

anyway, I GOT BAPTIZED TODAAAYY :D *jumps up and down* I was excited, nervous and scared altogether. This year's baptism was held during the time when testimonies were usually given out and ballala. So EVERYBODY (who always comes on Sunday) was looking at me. The baptism session in the previous years were held AFTER church so it depends weather people want to come and watch you. Obviously, I baptized without my glasses on so I couldn't see properly. Everything was blurred because my power's pretty high. Anyway, the pool was IN the stage so when I looked forward, I was looking at like over 1,000 people..
Really scary. But two cameramen were in front of me, so they blocked half my view :P
The pool water wasn't really cold though. Once I was baptized, there was the SPONTANEOUS APPLAUSE and LOUD DRUMS. But weirdly enough, I didn't hear it because my ears were all blocked with water. T.T

I have to go pack my stuff for tomorrow now :(
Oh, and by the way, I will be staying in my hometown for four days so I won't be able to go online until Friday. :(
I'm sort of glad there's no Wi-Fi there though :/
I can have more Quiet Time and stuff.

That's all. Truthfully, I forced myself to blog right now because I'd be feeling really guilty during those days in my hometown if I didn't :P

Byeee. And HAPPYHOLIDAAAYS. I know it's so late to wish you right now, but my holidays just got started today :P

lynn x

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