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It's been ages since I've last blogged. (14 days is estimated 14 blog years.)

So um, i won't be summarizing the stuff that happened. :( I mean, it's quite impossible for me to write what happened during the last 336 hours.
No, it's actually possible. Just impractical :S

MY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT IS FINALLY FINISHED *dances* :D My teacher extended the assignment to two weeks instead so that explains the 14 days and not seven days.
I finished reading Adrian Mole and realized he's a fictional character ._. He was created by an author called Sue Townsend. A LADY. A lady who knows the length of a guy's thing. O.O
The book's probably one of the sickest books I've read :/ He's currently the most sick character I've read on. He just beat Anne Frank :P Those two are the most recent journals I've read and it turned out that both of them have lovers and stuff.
And they both talk about body parts.

My homework this week is to write a book review on it. I already know what my opinion on it is.

Anyway, I only have a few more classes left to freedom!! :DDD By December, I'll only have my Mandarin class left. It'd be changed to twice a week then because my mum says it's not possible to completely not study for a few weeks. :(

Enough said. I shall close this post with a list filled with random facts about me:

1. I don't sleep with the air con on.
2. I only get to on the air con on occasions.
3. I don't like plastic spoons and forks.
4. I don't take pictures with my glasses.
5. I don't really like grocery shopping.
6. I can't sleep without a blanket.
8. I like Bahasa.
9. I don't like Mandarin.
10. I used to pronounce status as statues.
11. I don't like people who are annoying.
12. I like restaurants where they have free Wi-Fi.
13. I don't like it when I can't sleep.
14. I like clean toilets.
15. I don't like feeling hungry.
16. I think camwhoring shouldn't be about who's pretty and who's not, it should be looking weird and having fun.
17. I don't like it when my phone or computer runs out of battery especially when I need to use it.
18. I like Paramore, Julia Sheer, Linkin Park, Hey Monday, Owl City & Simple Plan.
19. I don't like it when some-one tells me what I can't say.
20. I don't like healthy food.
21. I like going to the movies.
22. I like popcorn and cotton candy.
23. I don't like untangling wires.

lynn x

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