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Heeeeey :)

Guess what! :D I managed to finish almost all my home-works this week! :D I just need to finish some grammar chapters and I'm DONE for the week *pumps fists in the air*. I completed all three essays in about two days.
It's been seriously long since I last felt relived. hahah.

Anyway, it rained yesterday so I didn't go swimming ;DD
You can probably picture how disappointed my mom was :P
She still insisted exercise, so we went Ikano.
OH, AND I FINALLY BOUGHT NERDS :D They sell it at Cold Storage, Ikano.
Then, I went Geronimo Stilton book hunting for Jenn.
Bought the new Seventeen magazine. Selena Gomez's is on the cover ._.

Anyway, I'm into classic books right now. I used to love Mystery first, then Adventure, then History (weird i know okaay), Comedy and now Classics. Actually, I read anything anytime. I even read my mom's Reader Digests when I have completely nothing to read :P But I'm just into Classics now. So, I went to Popular two days ago and bought A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I already read a simpler version of it when I was little but I'm older now so it's different :P I got the book for RM8.50 BTW. Really cheap. The cover's green and plain but I don't judge a book by its cover so I don't mind.

That's aall. Lazy to write more & Dad wants to use the PC. (My PC is in the repair shop)


lynn x

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