Things that happened which I don't think have a specific name for :/
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hello you :))

here's a short recap of my week before I move on:

(last recap was (ALMOST) exactly last week:o seemed like eons ago instead :P)

Monday - Classes. Daily routine.
Tuesday- ''
Weds- "
Friday- Badminton:D Went for baking at Julia's after that to raise money for the orphanage:D
Saturday (today) -

I will tell you about it now:D

K, so I woke up at seven today because I heard my mom getting up. Pure sadness because I couldn't sleep after that :( I just lay in bed until 10 :P I got dressed and had breakfast. Then Aunty Rebecca picked me up to go English class with Li Juan. Julia was there when we reached.
No home-work this week! I'm super happy. SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER HAPPY:P

Um, so yeah. Class ended at 12:30 as usual. Then Aunty Ting Lee fetched me, Julia and Ashley to SS3. We were going there to sell our muffins we baked on Friday ;) The money we earned will be donated to the orphanage so it was very cool. There were many stalls set up already when we got there. There was plenty of food, games and balloons. Oh, there was a magic show too:D It was pretty lame though. Sorry, amateur magician :(

(left to right) Ashley and me (:
yeah, we're pretty lifeless :P
My new facebook profile picture :DD so psyched :P

I didn't have much lunch though. I just had a cup of fries (yes I mean literally CUP because it was in a cup. I know it's not the proper collective noun for fries :P) There was chicken chop and stuff, but I was far too excited to eat. And anyway, I've skipped lunch a couple of times so it was okayish. heh. Don't tell my mom.

Anyway, Julia's dad's friends also helped out:D They sold corn instead but we combined it all into one stall. There were brownies, muffins and corn. I think there was spaghetti too. Am not sure.

Our muffins got all sold out:D people loved it. hahah. There was another stall selling cupcakes, but it was so expensive. Well quite. The prices for the cookies were even more ridiculous. RM4 for four tiny cookies. -.-

There was ice-cream too:DD Oh yeah, keep note that all the stalls set up there were also to raise money for the orphanage :)) The stalls which sells food are set up indoors.
The stalls there sold:
Chicken chop, fries, pizza, canned drinks, alot of oriental food, ice-cream, junk food..
a lot more that I'm too lazy to tell D:
There were also snake and ladder games and those bouncy stuff. hahah. All of the fun and games were set up outside under tents. It was like a fun fair actually :P
There was a face-painting stall there, too:D Ashley got her face painted. hahah. Books were also on sale :D

We finished by 3p.m. Then we went to Julia's house and watched FRED THE MOVIE. It was FRIKKING AWESOME. hahah. It was very different from his youtube videos alright :D Judy was Pixie Lott. I find her British accent quite amusing :P hahah. Oh yeah, Jeannette Mccurdy was also in the movie. She played Bertha. Bertha is really weird :P She's into goth and stuff.


Hhaha. er, so there. That was my weekend :)

Will post again soon. x

More pictures on today are in my Facebook profile :)

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