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helloo once again :D

This is the second time posting, obviously. Just to attach a very important video ;) It's required for you to watch.


The dumb youtuber who uploaded this video disabled embedding :(
That explains why I only provided the link.

Once you finish watching this video you'd go "BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD IS THE WORD THE BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD IS THE WORD." Then you can facebook me and we can cyber dance that cartoon guy's dance routine :P Wee. *cyber fives* :D

BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD IS THE WORD. Oh God. It's stuck in my head DD:

Uh so anyway,

The internet is very sucky here ): ughh.

I'm craving to shop. Mainly on tops because I'm currently running short of them. Um, preferably from Nichii because their clothes there are super nice :) I just got two skinny jeans from there about a week ago. I'm not showing off or anything, alright.

I hardly ever visit Cotton On now. I don't strongly appeal their clothes designs. The majority of the shirts there are tank tops, and I don't wear yeah. The remainder shirts are really low cut which I find inappropriate for my age :o hahah. But yes, their skirts are really gorgeous. Especially the high waist floral skirts :D The pencil skirts are nice too, except I don't think I'm ready to wear those yet :P

I find Forever 21's dresses the best. That decision will forever remain irrevocable. hahah. Unfortunately, you'll scream of horror when you read the price tags. They are ridiculously expensive :( I also like their accessories. Especially the necklaces and bangles. If I'm not mistaken, I suppose a necklace sells at the price of RM45? I haven't been there in awhile. But anyway, RM45 is really expensive for a necklace. I can buy a shirt instead.

Top Shop. Hm. I think Forever 21 and Top Shop share some similarities. Firstly, both their clothes are sold at an incredibly high rate and secondly, uh. I don't really have a second point. heh.

Now, we shall take a ride into Nichii Fashion City :D That rhymes :D
Their clothes are really pretty. Furthermore, the prices are really reasonable :D
According to some people, Nichii are meant for older people. Like people who passed the stage of adolescence and enters adulthood.
WHATEVER. I just like their clothes. I don't care if I'm not 20-years-old or what.

Roxy is sick. I don't mean it literally, of course. I'm referring 'sick' to the prices. RM139 for a shirt is just plain stupid :P no offence. eheh.

So yeah.
omgeh :O it's unbelievable how a post with an only intention to post an annoying video can progress to a fashion review.

okay, I want to go eat some-thing :)
Good bye x