home-works are sooo farn *SARCASM*
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I blog for fun. I don't care if I earn a single cent blogging.

Hello peeps:D

Thursday was very fun. I went to Julia's house at 1:30. By the time we reached Sunway Pyramid was at 2:30 I think. Well approximately there.
Anyway, Li Juan and her schoolmates were all there. Most of them. Ashley was there too. We skated until 5:30 ish then had MCD'S.
I'm too lazy to give out all the details and blahs. :/
Anyway, after that I came home and went for my Science class.

I DIDN'T GO TO SHEENA'S "WELCOME" PARTY YESTERDAY. Boo. It was because it's at midvalley and my father wasn't available at that time. Blegh.

Anyway, December is creeping up pretty fast. Some-times the time just stops completely. Or like the calendar dates just never move. Anyway, back to December! December 5th is the date when I'm going to be baptized :D Yeay! I feel excited. :P
Today's the first Baptism class so I had to stay back until 1:30 in church. The CCLs provided lunch which consisted of chicken, cauliflower and bitter-gourd. Oh yeah, everybody ran away from the vegetables. I was one of them who managed to escape :D Wee.

So yeah. The baptism class wasn't that bad lah. Oh and Ashley brought her colored pens:D That was very random. I also found a five cent coin in my Bible. I don't know how it go there:/

Anyways, I MIGHT be starting school in January instead of July in FLC. I'd be in the middle of their semester thing which I don't think is a very good idea? I mean, it would be more difficult for me to understand and blalala because of that. I hope you get what I mean. heh.
One actual reason why I want to start in Jan is because I'm impatient to start school. I know you'd probably be saying "WHAT!? LYNN IMPATIENT TO START SCHOOL?!" But yes I am actually impatient:/ I've been lacking in responsibly these days. Like for instance, my maths. I haven't touched it for like a week. T.T. My mom sends me for intensive English classes this year which is very home-work loaded. That probably explains why I'm lacking in my other subjects because of all the home-works I have to complete. Ironically, last year, she sent me for intensive maths and didn't the slightest bit bother about my English.
I've actually worried about what she would send me for next year. Science? I hate science. But now I'm worry-free because I'm going to SCHOOOOL. Where everything's in like a package. :P

Err so yeah. I have to finish my The Chronicles of Narnina Study Book Questions and my Grammar home-work. And my Chinese home-work. And my BM home-work. And my church essay home-work. And my novel which is due this Tuesday. And my other 600-word essays. OH CRAP I'M GOING TO BE IN DEEP TROUBLE IF I DON'T FINISH ALL THESE IN LESS THAN THREE DAYS.

bye x

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