short recap
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HAI. (:

So now, I shall give you a short recap. Except, I can't give out too much details :( My mom's been profusely lecturing me on controlling my blog exposure. I MEAN, WHO READS MY BLOG D: Well, anyway, I'm pretty sure my dad reads my blog. Ugh.
Also, my mom heard about this AdSense thing on blogspot. You have to set up an account, and then wait for people to advertise on your blog. Then, you can earn money and stuff BLAH BLAHBLAH. No. I don't want this AdSense thing. I don't want any strangers to visit this blog and say "Hi, I like your blog. Can I advertise here and clog up your space?"

Anyway, we're getting quite off-topic. Here's what happened vaguely in the past few days:


Went to watch You Again with Joanna in the morning. It was super nice. Came back and had lunch. Then, I went to Ikano and Julia told me she was there too. So we met up and went shopping at Curve. We went to Nichii and stuff. We had ice-cream afterwards. Then we met up with Julia's mom and I went shopping alone.


Badminton was at 3p.m. Went shopping with Julia and Ashley at night in 1Utama. Had superloads of fun :D Oh, and we had Burger Kings for dinner. It was my first time there :/


Just came back from class with Julia and Li Juan.
Finished setting up the Christmas tree (:

That's all. Christmas is approaching! Heh. I'm very excited. I can't wait to see my cousins. AND DON'T FORGET THE PRESENTS :DD

Well, that's all. AU REVOIR (:

lynn x