diva, yo
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Helloo :DD

I just came back from shopping. Spent about two hours there. Oh, oh, oh that's like so cool. Pehh.
It was very short okay :( Shopping malls are magical places because the time freezes there. Yes, FREEZE. One minute it is 1p.m and then BOOM POW BAM it is 3p.m already.

Anyway, I'm going swimming at 4:30. That's in an hour. I'm going to burn off some fat. FAT FAT FAT. I am not certain I have much fats though. ahaha. But whatever. Swimming is good for you. Um, even though you're not fat :DD

So yeah. I have to go do my home-work now. I have come up with another 400+ words for A.A Milne's bio. It has to be completed in less than one hour. It sounds quite impossible but MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN. I sound pathetic. very.
Home-works will one day become extinct. They will disappear in thin air. I'm very impatient for that day to come DD:
Anyway, 70% of my day is on home-works. My eyes are becoming bloodshot with the amount of hours researching online. And I'm pretty sure I will have arthritis at an earlier age. OH NOOOO.
Nah, it won't happen.

I'm going to listen to some Paramore songs now :) Probably Fences. Some-thing to keep me awake.

I've been having sleepless nights these few days. It's probably because my brain is full of debating sessions this week. LAME DEBATING SESSIONS that can last for hours. ugh

Anyway, here's some pictures your eyes can feast on (;

Diva necklace.
Bought it with my birthday money.
Diva is having a sale. This necklace is not though :( sadly.
My Lewis Carroll bio. I'm pretty lifeless, taking pictures of random things.

Midnight by Jackqueline Wilson. You must read it. It's officially one of my all-time favorite books. Her relationship with her brother is exactly like mine.
You have to admit Hayley's expression is quite amusing. hahahah
I think headbanging is probably compulsory to do in the Paramore band. :P
What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things
A memory remains just a tiny spark
I give it all my oxygen,
So let the flames begin
So let the flames begin

lynn x

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