A year without rain
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OML. I need Selena's dress in "a year without rain" music video. She's sooooo prettyy :OO *envy envy*

Anyway, I haven't done my Science presentation for tomorrow. Gah. I'm supeeerr lazy. I have to finish it before tonight. Hopefully, I would be able to do it. :/ I seriously have nothing much to present. I mean, what's so nice about bacteria? ugh.

Anyway, I'm actually supposed to do my Pirate essay & my book review thing now. But I feel like blogging :P

I went shopping yesterday at 1U. :D I went to shop for clothes but there was nothing interesting so I went shoe-shopping. I bought these plaid flats for $40. They're preetty. :D And really comfortable.
Then I went to buy ice-cream :P At MC D. Then my mom called me to meet at this place selling moon-cakes. We were supposed to leave BUT my mom met this random customer and they were talking for ageeess. I knew it wouldn't end for quite a while so I left and did some window-shopping :P Oh yeah, I went to buy the new Seventeen magazine. MELISSA WON THE COVERGIRL CAM. :D I knew it. I voted for her a million times on the web. She's seriously pretty okay.

& she's only 14 though she looks much older than that. :O :O

While I was window-shopping, my mom went grocery-shopping. So when I was done, she was done too, and then we left for home.

I bathed and ate very little of my dinner, then left for BM. I've lost my appetite this week. I DON'T KNOW WHY but I can really go without any lunch or dinner. It should be a good opportunity to lose some more weight but my mom forced me to eat anyway. ugh.

We talked about murders and stuff during BM. It wasn't that scary lahh. We were reading these murder articles in the bahasa newspaper and I couldn't reallyy understand everything so I only knew that the victims got burnt to death in a car accident. There. Good enough :P haha. My friend got scared to death instead.

BM finished at 9:30. I came home and went online until I got tired. Then I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night because of some noise and weirdly, I couldn't get back to sleep. So I went downstairs and drank some apple juice with a Cheesetart. It was a great combination :D (cheese&daryl ;) Hahah. Anyway, my appetite finally kicked in at that moment. :D
Then I went upstairs and peeked into my brother's room. It was my "duty" to lower down his aircorn everynight and I forgot to do it earlier. So I went in there and I sorta woke my brother up :P Well actually his iPhone woke him up first because of a new Facebook notification. We talked about our new specs abit. Then I went to bed and listened to the radio until I could finally sleep.

Oh yeah did I tell you? I got new specs :D It's almost the same as my old one except that it's half-framed.

Anyway, I woke up at 9. My mom called me and asked if I was ready. I was like why ready? I had completely forgotten it was a Wednesday and I was late for my Mandrin class. So I panicked and stuff :P heh. I quickly ate my breakfast and did the Mandrin home-work in the car. :P I do all my home-works verryy last minute obviously.

I reached there late. Uh, and during the class JOJO called me. -.- Then, she smsed me that the Paramore contest is out. :O I read that at 1 ish and Jo didn't pick up when I called her again.

Class finished at 11:30 btw. I was supposed to have noodles for lunch but it was disgusstiing. :P It has these weired ingredients in it which makes it taste sourish & bitterish. I went to cook two eggs to to go with it. It was better I guess. :/

Okay that's all. I need to do my home-works now. Byee

lynn x

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