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RAAWR. Soon enough, I'll inherit the rawrs from Cheesio :P Hahhah.

Okay I'm gonna be more inventive now. Well I'll try. And I'm gonna try to not go off-topic so much. AND I'm gonna try to organize this post more though I suck at coherency..

Heh. Anyways, I'm assigned to do this project thing next Thursday. I have to present on bacteria stuff blala for 10 minutes. Obviously, that duration would be longest 10 minutes I'll ever experienced. Ugh. My other home-work (which was given this morn) is to research on pirates (ikr? wth) and write a 300 word essay on them. pirates are a snore :/ blegh.

Anyway, Li Juan DID come to class just now. Seriously, it was like so last-minute ish. She suddenly said she was coming. (If julia is reading this - She wasn't joking about it.)
So yeah. Um, I have to memorize another poem. I'm pretty good at memorizing poem stuff so it should be a piece or cake:P Make that cappuccino cake :D hahah. it will help alot if I had some now..

I'm going off-topic.

okay, I dunno what else to write.