I'm such a bad blogger
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This post will restore my blog's health. It nearly died because..of me. Because my suckish blogging skills. And my lack of updates. peh. whatever. :P haha

Yeah okay. Anyway, I wanna go FLC. Seriously. I miss school. Actually, I don't. Cause I haven't been to a home-schooling center before in my lifee :P hahah. I did go to government school for a few months but I hated it. Who doesn't anyway? LJ said FLC is fun so I wanna go. Okay, i've convinced my mom enough. She's gonna bring me to FLC soon. err, when she remembers.

The next thing, is about my I.C. MY DAD HAS COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN TO COLLECT MY I.C. About a week ago he called the people and they said it was ready. But he has forgotten about it now (so fast. i know) eesh. -.- bleckk.
I hope my i.c comes out okay :P Cause i.cs usually come out ugly :P hahaha

I went for badminton on Fridaayy. :D I actually ate more than play :O Ashley, Julia and I had a "feast". We bought lots of food and drinks. I had 100+, 2 packets of chocolate biscuits, twisties, candy & other stuff from Ashley & Ju. I feel really bad because I was supposed to burn off fats instead of gaining them :P
My mom doesn't know. heh.

Okay I need to study for my grammar test tomorrow. (well actually, I'll just do that tonight. I just don't feel like blogging anymore :O sorry bloggie :P)

lynn x

P.S: I'm currently finishing the Chronicles of Narnia series. I know you people have finished it already. I'm pretty late lah. :P I didn't even know I had the series in my bookshelf. *makes a face* :D

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